Friday, 9 July 2010

Freak Art has Moved!!

This is the last post I will be making here.

Freak Art has now moved over to wordpress, This is the new blog address.

Hope to see you over there!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Robot Part 5 (Legs)

Got some time to work on my Robot this week.
worked on the legs this tme. I am not sure on them, they fell a bit bler!
maybe it the feet or the lack of details, I don't know.
Ever since I finished the head on this. The rest of this build has not really gone the way I hoped.
Maybe it time to but it into a box and come back to it at a later date?

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Marvel Comics: Ultimate Line

Not long ago I did a review on Kick-Ass, I stated it got me in the mood to get back into comics, but I wanted something that has been going on for years and did not have to much history to it like the X-men, Batman etc.

So after hunting down a comic book store, (Comic book stores are few and far between in the UK unlike the US and Canada.) I found one in Central London just round the corner from where I worked, I poped in to see what they had

I remembered just before I stop buying comics almost 10 years ago. Marvel Comics had rebooted two of their most popular lines. (Spider-man and the X-men) This meant, they where starting form fresh with no history and able to go in any direction they wanted.

I have the first few issues of both new lines called Ultimate Spider-Man & Ultimate X-men, I knew that 10 years would not have a lot of history to them, so it would be easy to catch back up with them. However as I stood in the comic book store I found that both lines where no where to be seen in the last month collection of new issue the store had.

After talking to one of the girls that worked in the store I learnt that Marvel had brought the Ultimate lines to a close in 2009. However not all was lost as Marvel set up a sub-publisher call Ultimate Comics, The Ultimate lines would be carried in these books.

So I picked up a copy of Ultimate Comics: Ultimate Spider-man, in this I learnt that the world has changed Spider-Man is now recognised as a Hero and most of the X-men are dead, including everyone favourite X-men Wolverine!!

So this leads me to find all the back issues of Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-men. Of course I could not buy them all as I don’t have the cash for it. So I did read up what had happened on WIKI and found some issue floating around on the web to get me back up to speed.

Both titles did some very interesting things during their run and the big conclusion in Ultimatum. Ultimate Comic’s picks up six months after the events in Ultimatum.
As I said before Spider-man is now a hero instead of everyone trying to kill him or arrest him, Mutants have to had themselves over to the authorities or be shot on sight.

I read all the issue of Ultimate Comics: Ultimate Spider-Man, Johnny Strom from the Fantastic Four and Bobby Drake (Iceman) from the X-men are now living with Peter Parker and Aunt May, Aunt May know all about Peter alter ego.
I have also picked up the first three issues of the bi-monthly Ultimate Comics: Ultimate X, which is following Jen Gray, and Wolverines son, so it will be interesting to see where that story lines goes.

One things for sure Marvel know how to “Make mine MARVEL!!”

Saturday, 19 June 2010

half a post!

Work been keeping me busy, so I am just shatterend at the end of the day. So I am not really in the mood to do anything.
But to keep with the weekly post, I though I show what I have done so far with the Aries Fighter Data sheet, Still a bit to do, But I will get it done soon.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Heading Out

Nearly missed this weeks post!! Opps
Been busy at work working late so not much time for the old surfing, or do anything else.
Anyway to make up for it here is a pic a did not to long ago of the Aries fighter, Odin Fighter and the D.S.S.P (Deep Space Sensor Platform)

Work was done in Blender and Photoshop.

I am hoping to get moment this weekend to finished the datasheet I promised to the Aries Fighter.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

More Aries Fighter Pic.

When I had finished building the Aries Fighter, Meph form Scifi-meshes & asked if he could use it.

At the time I had not done any texture work with her, so he created his own and made a couple of pictuers with her, with his Olympic Curise ship and Heracles Battle ship.

To see more of Both Meph ship check it out here.

I am currently working on a data sheet for the Aires Fighter so expect that soon.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Aries Fighter.

This was the first ship that I finished.
The Aries Fighter.
The Aries Fighter, is a short range fighter, built for space but also atmosphire capable.

More on this comming soon.

Lunar Fly By

Here is my first pic of the Aries Fighter on it own, doing a fly by of our own Moon.

Everything done in Blneder, with a little post work done in Photoshop.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Pre-Emptive Strike.

I made this picture back in mid 2007. I was working on my Aries Fighter but got that itch again to make another picture. As the Aries was not yet finished I did another visit to Star Trek Blender and picked up the Klingon ship and the Enterprise A.
Once again credits to the builder of both ships are in the picture.

This was all done in Blender, the only post work was to add the boarders at the top and bottom of the picture, name and credits.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Robot: Part 4. (Hands)

More work on the hands.
Added the back half of the hand and a cover for this section.
Please not on the pic with the body I have added a ball for the thumb joint.

Not sure about the arms they looks a little weak to me. So I am going to rebuilding these.

As I mentioned before updates on this will be slow as I don't have the time to modle like I use to. Well untill the winter when it pissing down everyday and freezing cold. ;)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

KICK-ASS Film Review

Final got to see this little Gem last night.
Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass is not your PG friendly Comic book Caper, this is the film that Wolverine should have been. Kick-Ass has got it all from foul language & violent action scenes to tongue in cheek humour.

The Biggest name in the film is Nicolas Cage, in a support role, doing a knowing parody of Adam West’s Batman. The main star of this film is not Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizewski AKA Kick-Ass but Chloe Moretz as Mindy Macready AKA HIT-Girl.
Every scene that she is in, she steals. She has some very violent action scene to even delivering the C word.

The films sound track is bang on the money and really suits the film.

For those that don’t know at the film is about, what rock have you been hiding under? Here is a quick summary (Minor Spoilers):-

Dave Lizewski, is your normal American teenager. Not very popular at High School, but has two close friends. He loves comic books and hangs out with his friends at the local comic book store.
One day he asks where there are no real superheroes; his friends tell him that no one has super powers.

Dave heads home and ordered himself a costume of ebay. After it arrives he starts to train. While training in an alleyway, Dave notices two guys up to no good. He goes to stop them, and is beaten to a pulp and stabbed. He is then hit by a car breaking most bones in his body. Dave convinces the paramedic to get rid of the costume and not to mention it to anyone.

After weeks of recovery and surgery that went wrong. Dave now has a higher pain thresh hold due the surgery.

After everything that has happened to Dave, this does not deter him from becoming a Superhero. He had back out onto the street again and goes on patrol. Here he stops three guys from beating up so poor block. This fight is all captured by a passer-by on his mobile and put up on you tube. Within hours the video is the most view clip on You Tube making a Kick-Ass and over night Sensation, and the fun really starts.

All in all a very cool film I give it a 4 out of 5
One thing for sure this film will become an instant Cult Classic.
As for a Sequel Mark Millar has all ready announced that he will write a second line of comics entitled KICK-ASS:- Balls to the Wall.
(The first Comic was written at the same time as the screenplay for the film.)

Needless to say this film Kick’s all other Comic book movies Ass. As this is how a proper adult Comic Book Movie should be.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Trek Meets Tron.

I did this as I was iching to make another pic.
I wanted to do something simple and Treky. I remembered that Star Trek Voyager had done an episode where the ship travels though a part of space where there was no stars or star systems. The only light cames from the ship herself. So I though it was be cool to do it with the Defiant instead of Voyager.

Here is the IMdb page for the episode.

I did it using the Definat found on Star Trek Blender

With out adding any light to the scene and just using the one on the model it came out a little unexpected. It looked more Tron than Trek. But I Liked it so kept it.

To add a little light I added a lenes flair in Photoshop. This gives the name of the picture.

Credit to the builder of the Defiant are on the pictuer.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Project:- Robot part 3

With what little time I have to model, I have manged to build the robots arm and started work on the hand. last pic is of the hand as it currently stand.

I am not to sure about the arm. I think I need to rebuild it as it seem to be a bit thin. I think it needs to fat up and more detail added..

Friday, 30 April 2010

Where does the time go?

I not had the chance to model much in the last few weeks. This is due to me stopped taking the train into work and getting back on the old push bike.

I use to model on the way into and out of work. 50min each way modelling was a good way to kill the time and the kids and wife would not interupt me every five mins. LOL

so no train means less time to crack open Blender.

For those that are intrested I ride 15.1 Miles into and out of work. that 30.2 miles a day. 151 miles a week and roughly 604 milles a month (that for a for week month.)

I have included a map of the route I take.

As you can see I ride form the out skirts of London stright into the center. (I finish near Trafalger Square.) I get to go along part of the London Maraton Route. (From Woolwich all the way to near Canada water) this means I go though Greenwich. Once into the city inself I ride from London Bridge Station along the Themes to Jubelee Walk, and across the river and I am pritty much done.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Naraka Engine

Back when I was creating my Own Universe called "To Hell and Beyond".
I started to build a ship for my villians called the Naraka.
(I did a search for different names on hell and Naraka came up as the hindi word for it. Though I was told by one of the guys at work that was not the case, I liked the name so kept it.)

I started out with the engines. As I was happy with the way they turned out I thought it would be cool to do a pic.

It is a duel directional Sublight Engine with two thrusters.
Don’t ask how it works as I don’t know but I though it looked like a functional engine. (Though I could have made it more completed.)

The Engine on the left is the full version while the one on the right is a cutaway version.

I finished modelling the ship but never got round to do the textures for the rest of it as I was still learning at the time. Still am LOL.

I built two other ships for the universe, but never really did anything more for it except for a start a stroy that was never finished.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

My First finished model in Blender

This is the first model I had finished in Blender.
I had first tired to build a Star Trek ship which did not turn out to well as my skill where limted and I still trying to figuer how the software worked, still am.
So with the lack of success from that, I though I try something a little easier.
It not great but did not turn out to bad either. I did not know how to do text at the time in Blender so I model all of that by hand. this is why it looks a little rough.

I might go back and redo this some day. That is if I ever go back and try another Trek ship. LOL

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Project:- Robot part 2

Here is just a simple animation of the inner and outter head.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Project Robot

I have been working on building a robot on and off for the past two weeks. Most of the work done so far has been on the head.

I started on the outside beofre moving on to do the internal modelling. I think I am now at a stage where I can say that the head is done except for the texturing. Though I am still not sure if I should have pistons in the jaw or not.

I have started to model the main body, it just a rough shape at the moment, this is the first time I have modelled an organic shape so it taking time to get it right. Normal I model ships.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Terminator Exoskeleton

I don't do drawing that often as I suck at it. But here is the last one I did two years ago.

Took me about a week to do. alot creation to get it right. first pic is the pencil and second is it inked.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


On of the beauty of the free 3d modelling appliaction Blender, (A link to the Blender site is in my first post.) is that there are hundreds of models out there that you can download if you can't build your own. some are free and some you have to pay for.

Anyway not long after finding this great appliaction I hit a road block, I did not know how to create anything and I wanted to create picture then and there. After visiting some of the many 3d forums out there I found out about Trek models you could download for Blender.
This is what I did, and created this this picture, using Blender and Photoshop.

It took me a while to get it right but I was happy with it.

The stroy being this one, is that the USS Enterprise - A, comes across a long lost Constitution class inside this purple nebula.

Please note that if you ever us some one else models to create a pictuer, make sure you give them credit for the work they have done. you can tick people off and suing has happened.
Make sure you use read the trems and condtions to using someone model that you have downloaded.

Being a Sheep Baa!!

Well everyone from your brother to your great Grandmother has their own blog these days.
So I figure, I'll be one of the sheep and jump on the band wagon Baa!!

So what is this Blog going to be about. well I like Scince-fiction, no I love it! I also like sci-fi art, films and modelling in the free 3d appliaction Blender. (You can download the current version from here.
With these being my main intrests, that what I am going to post about.
I plan to post at least once a week, ut we all know real world events can get in the way and nothing ever goes to plan, but heres to trying. ;)