Saturday, 3 April 2010


On of the beauty of the free 3d modelling appliaction Blender, (A link to the Blender site is in my first post.) is that there are hundreds of models out there that you can download if you can't build your own. some are free and some you have to pay for.

Anyway not long after finding this great appliaction I hit a road block, I did not know how to create anything and I wanted to create picture then and there. After visiting some of the many 3d forums out there I found out about Trek models you could download for Blender.
This is what I did, and created this this picture, using Blender and Photoshop.

It took me a while to get it right but I was happy with it.

The stroy being this one, is that the USS Enterprise - A, comes across a long lost Constitution class inside this purple nebula.

Please note that if you ever us some one else models to create a pictuer, make sure you give them credit for the work they have done. you can tick people off and suing has happened.
Make sure you use read the trems and condtions to using someone model that you have downloaded.


  1. I remember that one... Nice work Dean

  2. Thanks Lee.
    I am currently looking though my HDD for the other pic that made.