Thursday, 29 April 2010

Naraka Engine

Back when I was creating my Own Universe called "To Hell and Beyond".
I started to build a ship for my villians called the Naraka.
(I did a search for different names on hell and Naraka came up as the hindi word for it. Though I was told by one of the guys at work that was not the case, I liked the name so kept it.)

I started out with the engines. As I was happy with the way they turned out I thought it would be cool to do a pic.

It is a duel directional Sublight Engine with two thrusters.
Don’t ask how it works as I don’t know but I though it looked like a functional engine. (Though I could have made it more completed.)

The Engine on the left is the full version while the one on the right is a cutaway version.

I finished modelling the ship but never got round to do the textures for the rest of it as I was still learning at the time. Still am LOL.

I built two other ships for the universe, but never really did anything more for it except for a start a stroy that was never finished.

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