Thursday, 22 April 2010

My First finished model in Blender

This is the first model I had finished in Blender.
I had first tired to build a Star Trek ship which did not turn out to well as my skill where limted and I still trying to figuer how the software worked, still am.
So with the lack of success from that, I though I try something a little easier.
It not great but did not turn out to bad either. I did not know how to do text at the time in Blender so I model all of that by hand. this is why it looks a little rough.

I might go back and redo this some day. That is if I ever go back and try another Trek ship. LOL


  1. I remember this one. That's a cool model, much better than my first model. Like you, I tried a Trek ship first (and second, and third) and failed miserably. I wasn't smart enough to try something more simple like this.

  2. LOL but you did get the hang of making Trek ships.