Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Aries Fighter.

This was the first ship that I finished.
The Aries Fighter.
The Aries Fighter, is a short range fighter, built for space but also atmosphire capable.

More on this comming soon.

Lunar Fly By

Here is my first pic of the Aries Fighter on it own, doing a fly by of our own Moon.

Everything done in Blneder, with a little post work done in Photoshop.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Pre-Emptive Strike.

I made this picture back in mid 2007. I was working on my Aries Fighter but got that itch again to make another picture. As the Aries was not yet finished I did another visit to Star Trek Blender and picked up the Klingon ship and the Enterprise A.
Once again credits to the builder of both ships are in the picture.

This was all done in Blender, the only post work was to add the boarders at the top and bottom of the picture, name and credits.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Robot: Part 4. (Hands)

More work on the hands.
Added the back half of the hand and a cover for this section.
Please not on the pic with the body I have added a ball for the thumb joint.

Not sure about the arms they looks a little weak to me. So I am going to rebuilding these.

As I mentioned before updates on this will be slow as I don't have the time to modle like I use to. Well untill the winter when it pissing down everyday and freezing cold. ;)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

KICK-ASS Film Review

Final got to see this little Gem last night.
Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass is not your PG friendly Comic book Caper, this is the film that Wolverine should have been. Kick-Ass has got it all from foul language & violent action scenes to tongue in cheek humour.

The Biggest name in the film is Nicolas Cage, in a support role, doing a knowing parody of Adam West’s Batman. The main star of this film is not Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizewski AKA Kick-Ass but Chloe Moretz as Mindy Macready AKA HIT-Girl.
Every scene that she is in, she steals. She has some very violent action scene to even delivering the C word.

The films sound track is bang on the money and really suits the film.

For those that don’t know at the film is about, what rock have you been hiding under? Here is a quick summary (Minor Spoilers):-

Dave Lizewski, is your normal American teenager. Not very popular at High School, but has two close friends. He loves comic books and hangs out with his friends at the local comic book store.
One day he asks where there are no real superheroes; his friends tell him that no one has super powers.

Dave heads home and ordered himself a costume of ebay. After it arrives he starts to train. While training in an alleyway, Dave notices two guys up to no good. He goes to stop them, and is beaten to a pulp and stabbed. He is then hit by a car breaking most bones in his body. Dave convinces the paramedic to get rid of the costume and not to mention it to anyone.

After weeks of recovery and surgery that went wrong. Dave now has a higher pain thresh hold due the surgery.

After everything that has happened to Dave, this does not deter him from becoming a Superhero. He had back out onto the street again and goes on patrol. Here he stops three guys from beating up so poor block. This fight is all captured by a passer-by on his mobile and put up on you tube. Within hours the video is the most view clip on You Tube making a Kick-Ass and over night Sensation, and the fun really starts.

All in all a very cool film I give it a 4 out of 5
One thing for sure this film will become an instant Cult Classic.
As for a Sequel Mark Millar has all ready announced that he will write a second line of comics entitled KICK-ASS:- Balls to the Wall.
(The first Comic was written at the same time as the screenplay for the film.)

Needless to say this film Kick’s all other Comic book movies Ass. As this is how a proper adult Comic Book Movie should be.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Trek Meets Tron.

I did this as I was iching to make another pic.
I wanted to do something simple and Treky. I remembered that Star Trek Voyager had done an episode where the ship travels though a part of space where there was no stars or star systems. The only light cames from the ship herself. So I though it was be cool to do it with the Defiant instead of Voyager.

Here is the IMdb page for the episode.

I did it using the Definat found on Star Trek Blender

With out adding any light to the scene and just using the one on the model it came out a little unexpected. It looked more Tron than Trek. But I Liked it so kept it.

To add a little light I added a lenes flair in Photoshop. This gives the name of the picture.

Credit to the builder of the Defiant are on the pictuer.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Project:- Robot part 3

With what little time I have to model, I have manged to build the robots arm and started work on the hand. last pic is of the hand as it currently stand.

I am not to sure about the arm. I think I need to rebuild it as it seem to be a bit thin. I think it needs to fat up and more detail added..