Monday, 10 May 2010

Trek Meets Tron.

I did this as I was iching to make another pic.
I wanted to do something simple and Treky. I remembered that Star Trek Voyager had done an episode where the ship travels though a part of space where there was no stars or star systems. The only light cames from the ship herself. So I though it was be cool to do it with the Defiant instead of Voyager.

Here is the IMdb page for the episode.

I did it using the Definat found on Star Trek Blender

With out adding any light to the scene and just using the one on the model it came out a little unexpected. It looked more Tron than Trek. But I Liked it so kept it.

To add a little light I added a lenes flair in Photoshop. This gives the name of the picture.

Credit to the builder of the Defiant are on the pictuer.


  1. I remember this one. It's cool. I always did like it when we saw Trek ships lit only by their own lights. :)

  2. I might have to make another one. ;)