Monday, 5 July 2010

Robot Part 5 (Legs)

Got some time to work on my Robot this week.
worked on the legs this tme. I am not sure on them, they fell a bit bler!
maybe it the feet or the lack of details, I don't know.
Ever since I finished the head on this. The rest of this build has not really gone the way I hoped.
Maybe it time to but it into a box and come back to it at a later date?


  1. Don't worry, bro. My robots never go the way I want them to either, which is why I've only ever built a few.

    I don't know how you imagine it looking in your head but the robot looks pretty good to me. I like the legs.

  2. After building the head, I wanted it to look organic and it sort of has that look but it still a bit bolcky. It also feels a little plain.